Independent Preschool-8th Grade

It's a wrap...

and the wonderful memories remain from this year's 26th annual Auction & Dinner Gala.

Thanks to all the families in our Swain community who helped support this undertaking - whether you attended the event, donated or sponsored, worked on the Auction Committee, or had a child participate in the Swain Association's UnSlumber Party Movie Night.

The results were dramatic, with almost 250 members of our community enjoying an evening of good food, music, friends, and entertainment - all in the name of supporting our beloved school.

We are so appreciative of all you have done - this wonderful event was a testament to the strength of our community!

You can still visit the Auction website.

Enjoy this video featuring many of our Swain students, which we used to welcome everyone to the Auction! There were also videos made for each of the Live Auction items - watch for details on how you can get your own copy of your children in action.