Middle School

GRADES 7 – 8

A student’s final two years at Swain are the most special.

Middle school students are constantly exploring, questioning, and discovering about themselves and the world around them. We provide a safe, structured environment in which they are appropriately challenged academically, engaged socially and in extracurricular areas, and called upon to be leaders.

When Swain graduates move on to secondary school destinations, they possess a solid academic foundation, understand themselves as learners, and are fully prepared for success at the next educational level.


Swain’s academic program is one honed by years of research, based on best teaching practices, and adapted each year to best serve each community of learners. Students are challenged to write, speak, and express themselves clearly and articulately. They work collaboratively, think creatively, problem solve, and strive to achieve academic excellence.

Students engage in weekly classes of the following core subjects:

Math Spanish Engineering and Design
Humanities Art Music Ensemble
Science Theatre


Each year, Swain students in grades 4 - 8 participate in the ERB (Educational Records Bureau) standardized testing program called the CTP. Click here to learn more about this process.


The primary goal of educators at The Swain School is to engage each student in his or her own individual learning process. All of our teachers are chosen through an extensive interview process which affirms passion for their subject area as well as a love of working with children. On any given day, one may walk into a Swain classroom in which students are doing a hands-on lab in a science class, using an interactive iPad application for step-by-step guidance in a math classroom, or engaging in a lively discussion about a work of literature or historical topic.


A hallmark of the Swain middle school experience is an extensive variety of leadership opportunities earned by our oldest students. These valuable experiences include leading buddy activities with younger students, collaborating with one another to form committees to address issues within the school, and leading sports teams. The eighth grade committee structure includes groups that may plan division- or school-wide events, assist with the admissions process, design the yearbook, or brainstorm and implement strategies to raise funds for an annual graduating class gift.


In addition to high-quality academic opportunities, students are invited to participate in a number of stimulating extracurricular activities. Classes or activities are created and run by Swain teachers and could include sports activities, chess club, robotics, and opportunities in visual arts.

Along with students in fifth- and sixth grades, middle school students have the opportunity to participate on sports teams and in drama productions. As the oldest students in these groups, middle schoolers may take leadership roles - official or not. These are wonderful opportunities for students to develop leadership skills as well as learning to manage their time when balancing schoolwork with extracurricular activities.