We are very excited to be able to bring the Swain community a safe and physically-distanced version of Trunk-or-Treat this year! While the halloween festivities will be different from years past, we are eager to provide the students a safe way to have some halloween fun! There is a lot of information to share, so please read all details in their entirety. While we are looking forward to offering this alternative, we are also committed to our high safety standards that keep everyone in our community healthy.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@swain.org.


Friday, October 30th from 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, with early dismissal happening at 1:00 pm. This day will also be a dress down day!


As in years past, kids are welcome and encouraged to wear a costume. This year, the changes will be as follows: 

  • Costumes must be easy to put over top of your clothes to avoid children going to the bathroom to change or requiring a lot of assistance from teachers. With kids being in dress-down this day, they could use part of their dress down attire as their costume (i.e. black leggings and then add a cat shirt and cat ears or a superhero shirt with a cape to wear all day long).
  • Costumes must be appropriate for school (i.e. appropriate language, symbols, imagery, etc.).
  • No fake weapons are allowed.
  • No face make-up or rubber halloween masks/face coverings will be allowed. Students must wear their normal face mask that they wear every day at school.

Trunk or Treat/Parade:

In accordance with the safety guidelines we have in place, the parade and trunk or treat will look quite different this year to allow for proper social distancing and sanitizing.

  • Parade: There will not be a traditional halloween parade outside. Instead the children will come out by cohort and parade through the trunks, staying 6' apart from each other and the adult at each trunk. We cannot allow additional spectators outside to watch but we will be live streaming so that you can view your child parading outside, through the trunk or treat area. We will provide an approximate scheduled time that this will happen so that you know when to login and view the live feed.  
  • Trunk or Treat: As in years past, we will still have the trunks set up in the McCann Center parking lot though we will be spacing them out more and utilizing more of the lot. There will be one empty space in-between cars and we will only allow a max of two adults per car. Adults will not be allowed to socialize or congregate at another trunk and will be asked to stay 6' apart from all other adults during Trunk or Treat. While we always encourage adults to dress up and have a lot of fun with creative costumes, we will require that all adults wear a school-approved mask/face covering (please refer to the mask policy here for approved options). 
  • Treats: In order to not require students to sanitize their hands in-between each trunk, we will not have them pick up treats from each trunk as they walk through. Instead, we ask that adults of each decorated trunk provide a treat prior to the event (that complies with our nut allergy friendly list) and we will compile all treats in on one bag that the students will grab at the end of the trunk or treat line of cars. As always, we encourage non-edible goodies as well. We ask that all treats be handed in by Monday, October 26th to provide us with enough time to make up bags for each student. For reference, there are 275 students at Swain. Students will sanitize before and after they pick up their bag.

To summarize, students will exit the McCann center doors by cohort, parade through the Trunk or Treat area and grab one large treat bag as they exit. We encourage adults to be really decorative and creative with their trunks and costumes and clap the students on as they parade through. We'll also have festive music playing to liven it up! 

Click here if you'd like to sign up to decorate a trunk!

Parent Volunteers

One of the many aspects that draws all of our wonderful families to Swain is the open-door, welcoming community that we all know and love. While we'd normally strongly encourage all parent volunteers to lend a hand as often as they can or want to, unfortunately, we do not have any opportunities for parents to volunteer for this event, other than decorating a trunk. We also must ask that if you are not decorating a trunk we cannot have any additional parents on campus to watch their child parade through the trunk area. As noted above, we will be live streaming the event so you can watch and cheer them on from afar. 


If you would like to support the event but are unable to decorate a trunk, we welcome you to donate some treats to be included in the goodie bag, from the approved list of treats. 


Note to parents who will be on campus decorating a trunk: You will not be able to enter the school. If you must use the restroom, we will have the Swain house open and available. If that is too long of a distance for you to walk for whatever reason, we will have the use of the golf cart to take one adult to the Swain house at a time. Again, you must wear a mask at all times while participating in this event. 

Pumpkin Carving Contest

In an effort to include fun, physically distanced activities, we are bringing back the old favorite of Swain - the pumpkin carving contest! 

All students are welcome and encouraged to participate, including those who are 100% virtual! Pumpkins can be painted, decorated or carved. We ask that students complete the pumpkins with only minimal or no help from parents. If the child is too young to carve, they are encouraged to paint or decorate the pumpkin in an age-appropriate way. 

We ask that pumpkins be turned in to Swain on Friday, October 30th, as well as emailing a photo of the pumpkin. You can set the pumpkins outside of the McCann center entrance in a marked area. If you are virtual or cannot turn the pumpkin in on that day for any reason, you are welcome to simply email us a photo of the pumpkin to display for judging. *Note: Please write your child's name and grade on the bottom of the pumpkin before you turn it in!

The students will be able to view all pumpkins (or photos of pumpkins) on Friday, October 30th after they walk through the Trunk or Treat area. We will separate pumpkins by division to vote on them. The four groups will be: Beginning School (PS, PK and K), Lower School (Grades 1-3), Intermediate School (Grades 4-6) and Middle School (Grades 7-8). Each student will be able to vote only once per division. Each division will receive a 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade prize based on number of votes. 

Please let us know if you'll be participating by signing up here! 

Community Service

We try to incorporate an aspect of community service into each event we hold at Swain. In the past, our students have enjoyed helping others by going to local shelters, cleaning up local parks and assembling sandwiches for meals on wheels. While we can't do any of those things this year, we'd still like to incorporate an aspect of giving back into the halloween festivities. This year, we'll be rolling out "Change for Change" to make a difference in lives of others. 


In the past, we've partnered with the Boys and Girls club of Allentown in a number of different ways and we're looking forward to supporting them again this year. 


The logistics: 

  • Each class (cohort) will receive a gallon water jug in their room. 
  • Students are encouraged to bring in any loose change (or even dollar bills) they have to contribute to the jug. We'll collect the change throughout the month of October with the last day of collection being on Friday, October 30th. 
  • We will total up all classroom jugs and announce a winner the following week.
  • The class with the highest total collected will be awarded with a dress down day and an extra 30 minute recess, which will be given at the teacher's discretion.


These funds collected will provide real change to those in need during these trying times. Let's join together to help out those in our local community! 

Classroom activities

After the students enjoy parading in their costume through the trunks, collecting a treat bag and voting on the carved pumpkins, they'll return to their classrooms and have some festive halloween-themed fun! They'll do an age appropriate craft/activity and have a special, nut-free snack.