Reimagine arrows


Imagine if we captured the momentum and energy abounding at Swain and
reimagined the possibilities. What if we committed resources and dreamed about
reinvigorating spaces, reinvesting commodities, and reshaping program? We could
Reimagine Swain.

As a Swain parent and board member, I did just that. We have been actively engaged in
a strategic planning process that began in January of 2017. This process involved design thinking, collaboration and communication. We applied data, feedback, and analysis collected over the last five years to form strategic goals. We transferred the vigor and drive of the school into a transformative three year Action Plan.

Like many of you, I love Swain and cherish the strength of the community and honored
traditions. I am also excited about the opportunities that come with change. This Action
Plan asks us to imagine a Swain that is extraordinary and renewed in its commitment
to our children and the future. I believe there has never been a more exciting time in the
School’s history. I hope you will join me as we Reimagine Swain.

Lori Schoeneman
Chair, Board of Trustees
Co-Chair ReImagine Campaign
Parent ‘21 and ‘24

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