Science & Math Students Shine

It’s the season for academic competitions, and Swain kicked it off with a solid showing by its 6th-8th grade MathCounts team. At the Feb. 10 annual competition, our ‘mathletes’ tied for 6th place overall, and Alex Schamberger ’18 placed in the top 10 for individuals and top three females, winning a scholarship. More photos of the day’s event are here.

MathCounts participants, from left: Advisor Lauren Kreitz, Calista Clifford-Fotopoulos ’18, Will Knudson ’20, Alex Schamberger ’18, Abigail Moreno ’19, Ty Allport ’18, Dahlin Allport ’20, Sebastian Holbrook ’18, Kavya Famolari ’20, advisor Allison Haas ’08, and Luke Gerdeman ’19.


This group of 7th and 8th grade students prepared for months to compete in the Feb. 24 regional competition of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS). Each student devised a question to answer with a series of experiments (e.g. “The Permeability of Different Types of Soils”), then presented their findings to the judges.

Twelve out of the 14 earned a first place standing, earning them the right to compete at the state level competition coming in May at Penn State University. The scientists are advised by Debbie Lindsay.

Those marked with an * also received a cash award:

PJAS regional participants: kneeling – Sadie Reese ’19, * Luke Gerdeman ’19, Mwendwa Daisley ’19; standing – * Olivia Moreno ’18, Amelia Tuerk ’18, Ellie Mandelker ’18, Nora Kenyon ’19, Brooke Stevenson ’18, * Claire Martin ’19, * Kate Edgar ’18, * Devon Jewell ’19, Leon Yacoub ’18, * Connor Perch ’18 and * Calista Clifford-Fotopoulos ’18.



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