Student Leadership

Students of all ages have many opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

For our oldest students, the main components of this program include student-led committees, leadership on sports teams, and buddy opportunities. Beyond these core activities, students are challenged on a daily basis in classrooms and advisories to be good role models and to lead others to excellence.

Our student committee structure includes self-selected members from the 8th grade class who help organize events, speak on behalf of their peers, and keep informed about the wishes and hopes of their classmates. Students who are not members of student committees also have the opportunity to assist committee members when needed. Examples of committees this year include yearbook, events, fund raising, admissions, and class trip planning. 

A unique opportunity is presented to 8th grade students in preparation for their culminating class trip - they are involved in every step of the planning process, from selecting the location to planning activities and choosing sights to see, as well as planning the budget and menu. This process helps create unique experiences for each graduating class that is tailored to their specific interests.

In the Intermediate School, students engage safety patrol (walking younger students into the building each morning), leading town meetings, and various buddy activities throughout the school year.

Sports teams at Swain provide a unique opportunity for students in grades 5-8 to develop leadership skills. Older players are often called upon to help lead drills and most importantly to set a high standard of sportsmanship and a positive attitude.

Buddy activities are a school-wide favorite at Swain, when students of various grade levels get to form friendships. Each class has a corresponding buddy group in a different grade level. We also hold school-wide assemblies in which students and faculty are organized by birthday month. These special times provide an opportunity for the older students to bond with and lead the younger children.