Student Support Services

The Swain School is unique among independent schools in that we offer a strong student support system.

At Swain, we believe that every child is unique and amazing.  In the classroom, this belief requires us to support students in a variety of ways to ensure their success and progress.  Our Student Support Services Team provides additional support in and outside of the classroom to students who need help reaching their goals.

Our Reading Specialist provides support to students who need help decoding, reaching grade level fluency, and improving comprehension.  Students are helped in the general classroom setting as well as pull out for one on one or small group instruction. Research has shown that early identification and intervention for students with reading challenges is the most important indicator in future success.

The Hoberman Sphere is a tool used to help focus on breathing in and out, a meditation technique taught to our students.

Students who are identified as gifted receive support from our Gifted and Enrichment Specialist. Based on students' individual profiles, extension activities as well as content acceleration is offered to ensure students are consistently challenged and excited about learning.

Our Learning Specialist helps students who need additional strategies in organization, study skills, and executive functioning.  While younger students are helped in the general classroom setting or before/after school, older students typically meet during study hall periods to get the support they need.  Our specialist works with classroom teachers and advisors to ensure that communication between school and home is consistent and clear.

Social, emotional, and mental health support is provided by our School Counselor.  Weekly classroom lessons as well as small group and individualized support are offered to students who need short-term help dealing with emotional regulation, social skills, stress management, anxiety, friendship issues, conflict resolution, or changes in family status like divorce, illness, or the passing of a loved one.  

For issues needing more intensive support, the School Counselor provides outside referrals for evaluations or ongoing therapies. The goal of school counseling services is to help young people feel heard and understood and to cultivate the skills and strategies students need to solve problems.


We're proud partners with the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education, which provides us with school-wide access to their latest professional development opportunities. CSEE serves as a hub on topics such as: advisory, empathy, leadership, academic integrity, diversity, and service learning. This partnership aligns with our mission to bring excellence to our pursuit of educating the "whole student."