Independent Preschool-8th Grade

Student Support Services

The Swain School is unique among independent schools in that we offer a strong student support system.

Our focus is to address the whole child so that each one experiences achievement and success. We understand the importance of nurturing each child’s physical, emotional and social development, as well as their intellectual growth. Each child’s current needs are assessed by teachers on an ongoing basis, and techniques and resources are used to support and inspire each child to develop his or her fullest potential.


The School Counselor offers support to students, families, teachers and staff to help facilitate a successful academic year. Students are actively provided support in social, emotional, and behavioral situations so that they can maximize their academic achievement and personal growth.

As part of a comprehensive program, the School Counselor works with students of all ages in individual, small group and in-class settings to build social and emotional skills. Learning is interactive and achieved through discussion, projects, books, and skill-building games.

The School Counselor works in partnership with the Learning Specialist and the Reading Specialist to provide services.


The Learning Specialist works alongside teachers to help meet the academic needs of students in the classroom. This professional works across all subject areas and meets both individually and with groups of students on assignment planning, organization and academics. The Learning Specialist collaborates with teachers to provide accommodations and create action plans for student success.


The Reading Specialist works with classroom teachers to support students in reading by working in the classroom, small groups and individually to support literacy and academic achievement. Partnering with teachers, the Reading Specialist completes assessments and creates action plans for student success.


The Wellness teacher works with students in grades 3-8, engaging them in a wide array of topics including the importance of healthy food, exercise and sleep, building self-esteem, handling conflict, maintaining healthy relationships, exploring issues of diversity and inclusion, and understanding the physical, mental and emotional challenges associated with puberty.


It is the responsibility of the School Nurse to promote good health throughout the school so that the students may be successful learners. The School Nurse administers first aid to the minor bumps, scrapes and aches of Swain students, as well as coordinating vision and hearing assessments, administering medications and helping manage conditions like diabetes or allergies.