The Class of 2018 Graduation

Family and friends gathered on June 8, 2018 to celebrate the accomplishments of the Class of 2018 at their graduation. The festivities began with a brunch for the graduates and their families, hosted by Swain’s Board of Trustees.

The ceremony was held in the McCann Center where many of the graduating students spoke. Sebastian Holbrook ‘18 gave the student address where he highlighted Swain’s community building through structured activities that allow students from various grades to get to know one another through the years. Other speakers from the Class of 2018 included Ben Carosella (“Lifer”), Calista Clifford-Fotopoulos (“Lifer”), and Griffin Lange. Six students (Max Sanchez Josa, Alex Schamberger, Reese Wilten, Sebastian Holbrook, Kate Edgar, Amelia Tuerk) read a moving poem written by the class that was inspired by “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon. Students worked with Swain’s Poet in Residence Marilyn Hazelton to create the piece.

Students graduated in order of advisory, with each individual being honored with a personal vignette written and read by the advisors. Diplomas were awarded by Head of School Dr. Shannan Schuster, Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees Ms. Lori Schoeneman and Director of Intermediate and Middle Schools Mrs. Megan Franzyshen. Four traditional individual awards were given to graduates including the Susan E. Clegg Memorial Award (Olivia Moreno ‘18), the Swain School Award (Alex Schamberger ‘18), the James Edgar Swain Memorial Award (Sebastian Holbrook ‘18), and the Krista Kelly Memorial Award (Dash Atwood ‘18).

Following the ceremony, our newest alumni posed for traditional photos around the bell and on the front steps. Eleven members of the Class of 2017 were on hand to lower their class flag. The flag for the Class of 2018 was designed by Connor Perch ‘18.

Other end-of-year awards include the All Sport Award, for any student who has played three sports in 5th-8th grade, and the Head of School Award, for students who received no grade lower than an A- in all academic subjects for 6th-8th grade. Recipients are listed below.

All Sport Award

Trevor Coverley ‘18

Ellie Mandelker ‘18

Calix Milligan-Fernandez ‘18

Max Sanchez Josa ‘18

Brooke Stevenson ‘18

Amelia Tuerk ‘18

Alex Schamberger ‘18

Amelia Tuerk ‘18

Charles Yacoub ‘18

Leon Yacoub ‘18


Head of School Award

Ty Allport ’18

Calista Clifford-Fotopoulos ’18

Kate Edgar ’18

Sebastian Holbrook ’18

Ellie Mandelker ’18

Connor Perch ’18

Alex Schamberger ’18

Amelia Tuerk ’18

Charles Yacoub ’18

Leon Yacoub ’18



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