Independent Preschool-8th Grade

Trips and Travel

From its earliest beginnings, Swain has embraced the importance of getting off campus to see the bigger world. That tradition continues today.


The youngest students set off for farms, orchards and local parks in the fall, to supplement their study of trees and fruits, and the season of autumn. As they explore healthy bodies, they enjoy the Parkettes gymnastics facilities and visit grocery stores and restaurants. Science and the arts are the focus of trips to the Da Vinci Science Center, Civic Theatre, and other theatres and museums.

All Pennsylvania third graders learn about their state, and Swain does it in a big way with visits to William Penn’s Pennsbury Manor, local manufacturers, and the state capitol. Fourth graders explore immigration, and travel to New York City to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. As part of their year-long study of Asia, our fifth graders visit New York’s Chinatown, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Ghengis Khan exhibit at the Franklin Institute. They also enjoy at least one overnight class trip per year. Middle school students go off campus to provide community service, and to experience art, music, and theatre.

A culminating experience for our eighth grade students is their end-of-year trip, which they plan with assistance from their faculty advisors.


For students that find the outdoor education curriculum exhilarating, Swain also provides a series of optional trips that can extend and challenge the students to experience the outdoors in a more immersive environment. Grades 5-8 have a series of opportunities that are targeted towards specific grades and developmentally appropriate for that age group.

The optional trips begin in the 5th grade with an overnight kayaking and camping trip where Swain partners with Sultana Education Foundation: the students camp, kayak, and explore the Sassafras River in Maryland. The 6th graders have the opportunity to go on a five day, four-night canoe trip to Chester River in Maryland, where they explore the river, canoe, camp, fish, and swim for an entire week. Swain partners with Echo Hill Outdoor School for this trip and the 7th grade trip. On that 7th grade trip, the students swim, fish, crab, sleep on the deck of boats, and sail on the Chesapeake Bay for five days and four nights.

In addition to temperate weather trips that allow for swimming, we also provide cold weather camping experiences. The 7th and 8th graders have the opportunity to partner with Mahoosuc Guide Services to go on a winter camping trip where the students learn how to dogsled and cross country ski in Maine for three days. In addition, for those students not ready for such a challenging winter experience, Swain partners with Camp Chingachgook for a cabin experience where they also ice fish, snowshoe, and explore the frozen Lake George area.


Summer Play Date[s]

Join us for a morning of fun that will include art activities, science experiments, and outdoor play!

July 23 & August 12 • 10 a.m. - noon