Think you can't afford a private school education?  Think again.

The Swain School proudly offers Variable Tuition. Tuition at Swain is not one-size-fits-all; it's a range that adjusts to meet your family's unique financial situation. We work closely with every family who views affordability as an obstacle to attending Swain.

At Swain, we believe a diversity of talents, abilities, cultures and experiences contributes to a rich and well-rounded educational experience; our Variable Tuition program and specially designated scholarships support this goal.

As members of the Swain community, every family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition and fees to the extent their circumstances permit.  Within our community are those families who can afford tuition at the top of the range and whose philanthropic generosity provides a vital component of annual operating expenses.  There are also families who manage to pay tuition at the highest level only by making substantial sacrifice, those who are able to afford only minimal tuition, and those across this range. We understand that families have many financial priorities, and school costs must fit those budgets, today and in years to come.

Variable Tuition enables greater access to Swain by customizing tuition based on each family's individual financial situation. A family's variable tuition rate is based upon demonstrated financial need, as determined through the application process, and is communicated once a student is admitted or prior to re-enrollment in (February).

2021-2022 Tuition Rates:

Grade level Base Tuition 
Preschool 5 days Morning $13,830*
5 days Full day $19,760
3 days Morning $8,300*
3 days Full day $11,860*
Prekindergarten 5 days Morning $13,890*
5 days Full day $19,760
Kindergarten 5 days Full day $24,440
Grades 1-4 $24,440
Grades 5-8 $25,480

*Variable Tuition is not available for part-time enrollment

To qualify for Variable Tuition, each family is required to complete the necessary application process on an annual basis.

Begin the online application process for Variable Tuition.

Our team is certainly available to help guide families through the application process.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you personally about the affordability of a Swain education for your child. Please contact Kati Focht,  Business Manager, at 610-433-4542, ext. 151 or Karen Mitton, Director of Enrollment Management, at ext. 119.


To apply for Variable Tuition, families must submit the following:
  1. The Parent Financial Statement (PFS) to School and Student Services (SSS)
  2. Copies of the current year Federal Tax Return and all schedules to The Swain School 


The Parent Financial Statement (PFS) is completed online at Solutions by SSS, a service of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools).

The Swain School Code is 7582.

For assistance in completing the PFS, please call School and Student Services Parent Support at 1-800-344-8328 or visit


Other important information:
All students in Preschool - 8th grade, enrolled on a full-time basis are eligible to apply for Variable Tuition/Financial Aid.

Notification of the personal Variable Tuition rate will be communicated on a confidential enrollment contract. This information is expected to remain confidential, both on the part of the Financial Aid Committee and the family receiving the variable tuition rate. A breach in confidentiality may result in the family losing their assistance.

Each family's VARIABLE TUITION RATE is based on three factors:

  1. Demonstrated need as determined by guidelines provided by the school and Student Services for Variable Tuition (SSS)
  2. Consideration of specific family situations or emergencies
  3. The availability of funds approved by The Swain School Board of Trustees