Why PS-8th Grade

The childhood and preteen years are critical to your child’s academic, emotional and social development.

That’s why we believe that the Preschool through 8th grade education atmosphere provides the best learning environment in which to prepare children for the future.

Students in Preschool - Grade 8 schools become leaders when they need to learn those skills the most and are open to understanding the demands and responsibilities of leadership. They learn how to become leaders on the field, in the classroom, and on- and off-stage. At the same time, they are still part of a community that includes Preschoolers, which keeps them from growing up too fast, while allowing them to serve as role models to the younger children.

Our challenging academic curriculum lets students explore a variety of new subjects in a comfortable and familiar environment. By eighth grade, their strengths, learning styles and interests have coalesced, and our graduates tell us they feel prepared for secondary school, confident in themselves and their abilities to make their way in the world.